Annual FRHC Hospitality Awards

Celebrate your hard-working staff!

Recognize the people that are the heartbeat of your business! Nominate them for the annual FRHC Hospitality Awards to celebrate their dedication and commitment.

Award nominations are for the past year 2022.

Nomination categories are:
๐Ÿ† Outstanding Attractions Employee
๐Ÿ† Outstanding Food Service Employee
๐Ÿ† Outstanding Team or Group Effort
๐Ÿ† Outstanding Customer Service Employee
๐Ÿ† Outstanding Housekeeping Department Employee
๐Ÿ† Outstanding Overall Achiever
๐Ÿ† Above and Beyond 2022

Deadline for nominations are due Monday, May 8 2023

May Awards Luncheon Details

Nominee’s Lunch is free!

Last Year’s 2022 Hospitality Award Winners